Supreme Court issues gay marriage ruling – June 26, 2015

I was the only executive producer the day this Supreme Court decision came down on gay marriage, covering both Austin and San Antonio. I wrote the breaking news story that morning, oversaw the extended live coverage, helped deploy our reporters, and came up with alternate plans when encountering technical difficulties. I also had our technical team work out the logistics for a quad box to show our team coverage. This is what aired during our 6 p.m. show, the culmination of a day of hard work.

Intro PKG for month-long series called “New Texas” – April 2015

We aired a month-long series during May 2015 sweeps called “New Texas” that explored how Texas is changing. We looked at four big areas – affordability, water, the economy and culture. I came up with the idea of putting multiple series under one umbrella name, which ended up being called “New Texas.” I assisted the reporters with planning and outlining their individual five-part series. I also wrote and edited this introduction package. View the series.

Other Big Stories Covered from 2011-2015

Explosion in West, Texas – April 17, 2013

I had been off of work for about an hour when I heard reports of a massive explosion 120 miles away in West, Texas. More accurately, I heard there was a fire, followed by an explosion. I knew that likely meant first responders had either been hurt or killed. I rushed back to the station. I did not leave until the next morning around noon. While our local NBC affiliate overnight was airing reruns of “The Today Show,” we were in wall-to-wall live coverage, airing live shots, phoners and news conferences. This video contains snippets of our night of live coverage.

Chris Kyle Funeral Procession through Austin – Feb. 12, 2013

I planned our coverage of the funeral procession and graveside burial service for “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. I also boothed the coverage calling out which shots and reporters to take and when. This video is of the funeral procession and ends before the burial service. Obviously with something like this, the coverage is very fluid because you don’t know the exact moment the procession will get there.

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