“Getting you here to Austin is one of the best things we’ve done for this news team.”
                                                         -2012 Performance Evaluation from News Director

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Journalist and People Leader

Wes Wilson

Experienced television news producer with 10 years experience, the last four in management, leading a team of 10 producers and two news stations, (Markets 33 and 39). Calm and decisive under pressure. Flexible and innovative amid a changing TV news landscape. Eager to teach what I know and learn from those around me.

• 2013 Graduate of the Poynter Leadership Academy

Currently the Executive Producer for TWC News stations in Austin and San Antonio

Accomplished writer who works well under daily deadlines. Hired in Austin (Market 39) and tasked with turning around the under-performing morning newscasts. Nine months later, the ratings — especially the wake-up hours — had shot much higher thanks to the hard work of my morning news team. I was then moved to a dayside shift and asked to take a look at how we do things across all shifts. I am energetic and innovative. I love finding new ways to solve problems and push forward creatively.

Those skills proved useful in June 2014 as we launched our brand new TV news station in San Antonio (Market 33). We moved forward despite very limited new headcount overall in the beginning. In fact, we launched with no new producers, having to make do with our current staffing levels in the Austin newsroom. I was tasked with finding a way to make it work. And I did. In one year, we have made tremendous strides, and the San Antonio Express News and UT-San Antonio asked us to partner with them to televise the mayoral debate.

As a manager, I’ve learned a lot. One of the biggest things Poynter taught me was that you should strive to be more than just a manager. The most effective managers are leaders. I believe some of the best qualities of good leaders include being optimistic in both good times and bad but always realistic, flexible and willing to adapt. I think you should be confident in order to lead, while having the humility to realize you aren’t always right and can’t do it alone.

• Enterprising stories, finding issues that matter to people or would matter if they only knew about them
• Writing, speaking and effectively conveying stories to mass audiences
• Effectively telling political stories and city government stories in ways that are clear, accessible and easier to understand
• Controlling chaotic, breaking news situations with a calm, steady hand and decisive action
• Reaching out and collaborating to promote news, ideas and products in a viral way through social media
• Designing websites using WordPress and the Adobe suite, or Wix if it has to be done very quickly

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